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At Advocare Orthopedic Sports & Medicine Center, we understand how important your active lifestyle is. Whether you are a “weekend warrior” or a full-time athlete, an injury does not need to stop you. Dr. Vitolo specializes in the treatment of the two most commonly injured body parts – the shoulder and knee. Countless patients from near and far have benefitted from his excellent surgical skills by returning to the sport they love. His past and current sports injury expertise includes serving as the team physician with the Boston Red Sox, New Jersey Cardinals, and the Sussex Skyhawks.

Dr. Vitolo’s support does not end with surgery. By helping you understand how you got injured, Dr. Vitolo may help you prevent future injuries. In addition, you can rely on the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Advocare Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center to answer all your questions and assist you in any way possible.

Sports Medicine for All Athletes

Dr. John Vitolo is board certified in Orthopedic surgery as well as Sports Medicine. As a Sports Medicine subspecialist, Dr. Vitolo is proficient in both the treatment and prevention of sports injuries, focusing on lifelong fitness and wellness. Whether you are a professional, an amateur athlete at school or a "weekend warrior," Dr. Vitolo and the Advocare Orthopedic Sports Medical Center team can help restore your athletic ability and confidence after an injury, or provide you with the guidance to make peak performance a part of your athletic life.


The physical demands of the football athlete are far greater than that of any other sport. By its very nature, the full contact component of football can produce devastating injuries. Fortunately for football players, Dr.Vitolo has the experience to help repair football injuries and offer the preventive techniques to ensure safety on the field.

Among the most common football injuries treated by the Advocare Orthopedic & Sports Medical Center team are sprains and strains, ligament injuries, shoulder separations and dislocations, stress fractures and more. So whether you have experienced a football injury, or want the expertise to prevent them, call Advocare Orthopedic & Sports Medical Center today.


It has been said that professional soccer players are the best-conditioned athletes in the world. But even the best-conditioned athletes can suffer devastating injuries. Soccer injuries are some of the most frequent in sports, due largely to the number of participants. Over 477,500 soccer-related injuries are treated in healthcare facilities throughout the country. Common soccer injuries include torn ligaments, meniscal tears, strains and sprains, and stress fractures of the knees, feet, and ankles.


On the surface, the nation’s pastime may look like a sport in which it is difficult to suffer a serious injury, however, even the simple motion of swinging a bat calls upon hundreds of muscles and subjects the body to unnatural twists and turns. Pitchers are also at risk of serious injury due to the repetitive motion of throwing the ball at high speed. At Advocare Orthopedic Sports Medical Center, we treat all baseball injuries, including ankle sprains, rotator cuff tears, ligament injuries, and more.

To avoid becoming one of the nearly 500,000 sufferers of baseball injuries, call the Advocare Orthopedic & Sports Medical Center team today to learn injury prevention tips. And if you already have a baseball injury, Advocare Orthopedic & Sports Medical Center has the experience and technology to get you back in the game.


The frequent, sudden stopping, starting, turning, jumping, and reaching required to play basketball can create a host of serious injuries from head to toe. Basketball injuries in the U.S. exceed those of soccer and baseball combined, numbering well over 1.6 million per year.

Advocare Orthopedic & Sports Medical Center has treated nearly every imaginable basketball injury and has helped countless patients return to this demanding sport. Our treatment programs include strategies for the repair of torn ligaments, strains and sprains, meniscal injuries, shoulder pain, rotator cuff tears and many more. 


Advocare Orthopedic & Sports Medical Center can help repair or prevent virtually any sports injury, including those from:
  • Volleyball
  • Skiing & Snowboarding
  • Cross Country
  • Cheerleading
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Equestrian
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Wrestling
  • Field Hockey & Lacrosse

There is no need to avoid your favorite sport due to injury.